A good story!

Every page, message, post, photo, tweet, pin, animation or video starts with a good story. Formulated as thoughtfully and as clearly as possible. Without design, without channel: the core must be solid!

A good story has multiple options

How does this story come into its own? In an article, a photo or a video. In an entire website or an app? Enriched with VR or AR or not? All those questions will make my heart beat faster! Working as a team to build the best solution or solutions is what I love. A solution that tells or shows the story at its best!

Designing a good story

Images and therefore a good visual design is the most important way to (quickly) present your story. Why? Images are being processed faster and more coherently by the brain*.

And guess where my greatest passion and qualities lie?

A powerful visual end result is something that I push and strive for when working with designers, photographers, cameramen, video editors, designers, builders, illustrators and animators. In order to eventually find the form that suits the audience, the channel and above all the story!


A good story will be told on multiple devices

Where you used to get by with a website for desktop and laptop PC you now have to have at least a responsive. one. This will enable users with as many different devices to visit and interact with your website. After all, mobile devices are the most common used online. Mobile first is no superfluous luxury but has become a necessity.

Combined with user-experience, user-friendliness, loading times, accessibility, security, W3c-standards and privacy will help you to take a website to the next level. A level more and more users are demanding nowadays.

  • Mobiel
  • Desktop

Website usage by type of device United States 2017

A good story is something you’ll want to share

Social media have become an integral part of our existence and are increasingly becoming recognised as a fully fledged news source. The perfect place to share (part of) your story.

Each platform has its advantages, disadvantages and specific requirements but the most important thing is finding out where your target group is best represented.

Which platforms are most popular in the New Zealand?

  • Youtube
  • Facebook
  • FB messenger
  • Instagram
  • Twitter

Users per platform in percent of total population. Source: Hootsuite

A good story is something you plan

A content calendar is a handy overview that allows you to easily schedule different messages, news articles, blogs etc. on different channels. It’s hard to imagine a medium to large organisation not using one.

Are you looking for a handy and user-friendly tool to use as a content calendar? Take a look at a largely free tool that I already have successfully introduced in many projects: Trello

A good story is something you measure

Google analytics is a wonderful program to map the users of your website.  The only downside is that you need to have some intermediate knowledge to get the right data. I personally do not want only those directly involved to know how the website performs but I want the entire organisation to know.

There is a solution that based on live data from Google analytics will let anyone in the organization get those figures in a couple of easy to understand pages. It’s called Datastudio and it works!

With this tool, I was also able to reduce the making of the annual website report from three days to half a day.

A good story is something you’re proud of

That’s the best thing about my work: making stories to be proud of! Most of the time I do that by ensuring that there is a good framework in which to place them; a website, a template or design and by ensuring that the technology required works. Sometimes I do that by becoming more involved with the production of websites, pages, apps, video’s or animations. From that last category a couple of examples:

For more information about projects I have completed in the past, I would like to refer you to my comprehensive Resume. Feel like having a good conversation about everything I wrote above? Then contact me!