I have been taking pictures since the age of five and have revived that passion about 7 years ago by moving from analog to digital. Two years later I shot my first dance performance. In that weekend something hit home — the pictures I had in mind while shooting were also the ones I captured! Having a background in theatre and lighting design helped too! During rehearsals, I jumped up onto the bar, removed filters and adjusted the lights. That not only helped the pictures but the performance as well!

All those things combined made me walk away with a feeling of pride and a confidence in being able to work as a photographer.

That confidence is still there! What has grown is the skillset and the storytelling part of my work. As a theatre photographer, you’re being helped by the stage setting made by the director. I just add my own interpretation and point of view and that results in a picture with a story of its own. Dance, drama, music, musical, performances to the classical theatre they are al my forte.

For four years I was the main photographer for the Dancing On The Edge festival in Amsterdam. One of the most impressive festivals in the Netherlands. Creators from the Middle East who turn their history and stories into intense performances which tend to move, even while I’m shooting.

My camera bag has become bigger and heavier but my base has stayed the same.

I was the main photographer for six year for the Hennie Jurriëns studio in Amsterdam. So I tend to spend a lot of hours shooting dance classes and get to work with dancers outside of the studio as well.

It is impossible to leave my camera at home when traveling.

I have broadened my field of work as a photographer and have added portraits, events, and wedding photography to my portfolio. And then there is my uncommissioned work. Curious? Take a look at the pictures of a photoshoot I did with Vera Paganin in the video above or go to to see more of my work.