New Zealand

On average

Cape Reinga

New Zealand has been on my bucket list for a long time, but when do you go? When do you make the time and have the money to undertake such a trip? Last year the moment was finally there: An unforgettable journey! The combination of camping, travelling by bus services through New Zealand, the people I met, the conversations I had (sometimes just in the middle of the street) and on top of that overwhelming and above all beautiful nature. There is so much to see and experience that five and a half weeks are still far from enough.

Paihia, Waitangi Holiday Park

Camping on the other side of the world?!

I was standing at Schiphol Airport, Amsterdam with a tent in my backpack and I and wondered: ‘18,000 kilometres of travel to go for just a camping trip, who does something like that? ‘ But then why would anyone travel to the other side of the world to see beautiful nature scenes and then sleep in an apartment or a hotel? Luckily at my first campsite, I knew I made the right choice!

Bay of islands, Paihia

I arrived in a heat wave which meant temperatures of around 27 degrees. However, the air is not as humid than in the Netherlands, which makes the heat much easier to get around in. After those first very warm days it became even more pleasant with averages of around 22 degrees. All in all, I was very lucky with the weather. A colleague of mine said before I went: “I only saw rain while on the southern island”. I luckily hardly seen any. Yes, there was a lot of rain at the beginning of January. So much so that I had to change my trip because of floods; so maybe I should say: I managed to avoid it.

Bay of islands, Paihia

Dolphins in the Bay of islands at Pahia, the fiord at Milford Sound, the whales at Kaikoura, and the sea lions along the road towards Picton so much to see.

On the way to Cape Reinga

The rolling landscapes of the North Island and the rapidly changing landscapes of the South Island. More than once I had the feeling like someone put a filter before my eyes that made everything more beautiful. Rubbing my eyes did not help. It stayed there and wherever I would look it was almost equally beautiful.

Milford Sound, Milford

The highlight of it all was travelling to and through the Milford Sound. Immensive, breathtaking and humbling.

Bistronomy, Napier

I did a lot of my own cooking throughout my travels which was a breeze since most larger campsites have furnaces and gas-barbecues. But sometimes you just have to treat yourself to a really well-cooked dinner.


The trip took me from Amsterdam to Auckland, Paihia, Cape Reinga, Whangarei, Auckland, Queenstown, Milford Sound, Te Anau, Lake Tekapo, Kaikoura, Wellington, Taupo, Napier, Auckland and back again Amsterdam. So many places visited, so many left to be seen.

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Kiwi Holiday Park, Napier

That’s also the main reason why I want to go back and this time even longer. Four months to be exact! You understand that it is financially not feasible only to travel during that period. At the same time, I would very much like to experience working as a photographer, Web manager, webmaster, tour guide or light designer on the other side of the world if only for a short time. Hence the message below:

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Job wanted in New Zealand

Maybe you can help me. I’m looking for the end this or early next year (2018-2019) for a job for one or two months in New Zealand. Preferably as a photographer, but work as a web-manager, webmaster, tour guide or lighting designer is also something I would go for. Do you have an opening, know of one? Or do you the have contacts? Please share this message or contact me![/bsf-info-box]


And hopefully later this year I will be saying:  “Hi, here’s me, back in New-Zealand!”

See you there!