A good website is never finished

That opening line from a presentation I gave a few years ago still applies. The world in which we live changes rapidly and the Internet is the biggest catalyst of that. This means that a website will have to adapt to current technology, new features and wishes or requirements by users. Four years ago, for example, we at the PO-Raad, changed our website from a fixed format design to a responsive one. Mobile first is the thought that came after that. This changed a lot in the way you have to design a website and in the way you create your content. Search Engine Optimisation plays an important role in this. High ranking page scores and getting on page one in Google are important. At the same time, you have to keep questioning yourself whether that is what your users really want. A user isn’t always serviced best by presenting the best SEO written text. It is serviced by a text that informs, that he or she can use, can convert into action or into thinking. The cross-links that you make on a website are therefore also very important. Menu structures, related (news) messages and downloads make that a user gets more than he or she expects. That makes what makes a website strong!

At the same time, more ways have been added to provide users with information and to enhance the user’s experience: photos, videos, animations, and chatbots for example. Soon VR and augmented-reality will allow the user to get even more in and in different ways get into the content. The challenge is to apply these new techniques into a valuable extra for the user. At the same time, a user will be expecting those features if they have become standard just as social media has. All this makes my profession great too; the interlink between humans and technology.

In brainstorms sessions with users, colleagues, partners and other stakeholders finding the most applicable solution for all concerned is a challenge that I like to take on. Getting to the bottom question, the real demand or expectation and then achieving that, building that feature is something I love to do. And I never stop at the most suitable solution. I also put the next one on the table. For a new sprint, a new update or app. Just because a good website is never finished!

For more information about projects I realised over the last few years, take a look at my resume or check out some examples below.